Can Keratoconus Be Cured Treatment Surgery

Can Keratoconus Be Cured Treatment Surgery

Can Keratoconus Be Cured?

Keratoconus cannot be cured or treated with medications. The cornea cannot be restored to a healthy condition with any treatment. However, several treatments may improve vision, allowing most individuals to function normally.

Treatment options for keratoconus

Treatment options to manage symptoms and improve vision include:

  • Glasses: Recommended for correcting eyesight, but only effective for a short time.
  • Contact lenses: Soft lenses can be used to suppress symptoms in the early stages. Gas-permeable lenses and piggyback lenses are other options. Scleral contacts are more comfortable. Continuous lens usage improves vision and reduces deficiencies.
  • C3R: Collagen cross-linking with ultraviolet A and riboflavin strengthens the cornea and can halt the advancement of keratoconus.
  • Corneal Reshaping: A procedure to reshape deformed corneal regions.
  • Corneal ring: A C-shaped implanted plastic ring that flattens the cornea.
  • Corneal transplant: A last resort for severe cases where other treatments have failed.

What are the stages of keratoconus?

Keratoconus progression differs across people. It can be classified into four stages:

  1. Early keratoconus: No symptoms, slow progression, and glasses or contact lenses may be recommended.
  2. Moderate keratoconus: Corneal abnormalities are visible, vision can be corrected with specific lenses, and corneal strengthening is relatively successful.
  3. Advanced keratoconus: Significant corneal deformation, poor vision, and strengthening is necessary. GP lenses can improve vision.
  4. Severe keratoconus: Extensive corneal scarring, nonfunctional vision, and corneal transplant may be necessary.
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Corneal cross-linking is the best cure for keratoconus. It prevents the condition from worsening and causing visual problems. Special contact lenses can greatly enhance vision.

How can I prevent keratoconus?

Keratoconus is a progressive condition, and early intervention is important. Tips to prevent or slow down keratoconus include:

  • Load up on antioxidants: A diet rich in antioxidants from fruits, vegetables, and other sources can support eye health.
  • Protect your eyes from UV rays: Wear 100 percent UV-blocking sunglasses.
  • Avoid eye damage: Use goggles or eye protection when necessary.
  • Manage allergies: Control allergies to prevent eye irritation.
  • Moisten dry eyes: Use artificial tears to prevent corneal damage.

Remember to consult with your ophthalmologist for professional treatment.

What does the future research suggest about keratoconus cure?

Ongoing research aims to find new treatments for keratoconus, including:

  • Less invasive procedures: Using donor tissue from specific layers of the cornea instead of full corneal transplants.
  • Eye drops with steroids and growth factors: Promising results in animal studies.
  • Stem cell therapy: Reprogrammed stem cells show potential for improving eyesight.

Researchers continue to explore alternatives to flatten the bulge of corneas in keratoconic eyes.


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