Happiness Quiz Define Happiness Learn a Positive Attitude

Happiness Quiz Define Happiness Learn a Positive Attitude

Happiness Quiz: Positive Attitude

Negative emotions are more powerful than positive emotions.

While some research supports that negative emotions can outweigh positive emotions at times, that is contradicted by studies. Positive memories, even about negative events, tend to be stronger over time. Positive feelings are stronger in the mornings compared to evenings and increase with age.

True False

Which pair of chemicals is NOT used by the body to feel good?

Endorphins, the body’s own opiate, are released during exercise and help elevate mood and decrease pain. Tryptophan contributes to relaxation and sleep and is found in food sources. Serotonin and dopamine activity are deficient in depressed individuals and are replaced by antidepressant medications. Oxytocin is released during sexual intercourse or breastfeeding. Vasopressin counteracts stress.

Cortisol and prolactin Oxytocin and vasopressin

From a 2013 study of happiness, which country ranks #1 in life satisfaction?

Denmark was ranked first in overall life satisfaction of its citizens while the United States ranked 17th. Denmark ranks 16th in household income while the United States ranks first.

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America Denmark Switzerland Canada

In general, happy people do NOT:

In the United States, happiness is less connected to income and more to gratitude, joy, forgiveness, kindness, a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, sexual activity, positive thinking, and self-actualization.

Express gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness Get regular exercise, sexual activity, and good sleep Have higher incomes or higher intellect Savor joy and practice optimism

People are not hardwired to be naturally happy.

Happiness is the result of a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. It is a combination of nature and nurture.

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Where do the happiest people in the United States live?

Research indicates that 6 of the top 10 ranked states for happiness are in the southern United States. This may be due to less congestion and lower living costs.

Northeastern region Southern region West Coast Middle America

You are less likely to be unhappy if you live in California.

Despite the temperate weather California is famous for, congestion and the high cost of living contribute to its lower happiness ranking.

True False

At what age are people happiest?

As we age, we become happier. Older adults experience fewer negative emotions such as anger and more calm and relaxation.

17-21 29-35 40-46 50+

What makes people happier?

Frequent satisfying sexual activity is associated with marital and personal happiness. Wealth is not necessarily associated with satisfaction or well-being.

What is the mesolimbic system?

The mesolimbic system produces excitement, anticipation, and feelings of joy.

Which method promotes physical and emotional healing and wellness?

Music therapy uses music for healing and promotes health and well-being in people with various conditions.

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Suppression of sadness is not the key to long-term happiness.

Acknowledging and discussing problems with loved ones is important for long-term happiness.

True False

What is better to improve one’s own sense of happiness?

Gratitude, appreciating what one has, is a key part of feeling happy. Keeping a journal of things you appreciate about your life can help you get in touch with your happiness.

Pleasure Gratitude

"Hedonophobia," "hedonism," and "hedonist" are terms rooted in the Greek word for:

The words hedonism, hedonophobia, and hedonist come from "hedone," the Greek word for pleasure.

Pleasure Pain Companionship Hardship

What do laughter and comedy do for the human body?

Laughter and humor have a number of health benefits. They decrease pain, stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. They also improve blood circulation, decrease stress hormones, and boost the body’s immune response.

Boosts blood flow and immunity Decreases the body’s ability to absorb alcohol Triggers hunger All of the above

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