Does Walking Help C-Section Recovery 10 Tips Exercises

Does Walking Help C-Section Recovery 10 Tips Exercises

Does Walking Help C-Section Recovery?

Walking after a cesarean delivery is an important part of recovery exercise. It is critical to move around after the delivery, such as going for a walk or walking around the house. This eases you back into physical activity without applying too much pressure on your scar and reduces the likelihood of blood clots.

Nurses may encourage patients to walk around a few hours after surgery. This may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary.

Movement may be painful, and patients must care for their incision site, but lying in bed for an extended period may harm you.

  • Doctors recommend gentle movements and walking to reduce post-surgical pain.
  • Walking helps relieve gas pains, improve bowel movement and urine output, prevent blood clots, and retrain abdominal muscles.
  • Start by gradually increasing your walking distance. Walking helps prevent complications and accelerates recovery and wound healing.
  • Walking aids in normal breathing function and muscle tone.

Walking is a great low-impact exercise for most women.

For new mothers, walking with a baby in a stroller is an ideal activity. Walk for about 20 minutes at a moderate pace to increase circulation and speed up healing. Fit mothers recover quickly and can be back on their feet in weeks.

10 tips to heal faster after a cesarean delivery

Cesarean delivery is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made on the abdomen to deliver a baby.

  1. Wound or incision care
    • Keep the scar dry and clean to reduce the risk of infection.
    • If there is redness, oozing, discharge, or unbearable pain from the scar, see a doctor.
    • Wear loose and comfortable garments.
    • Physical activities
      • Resume physical activities to improve blood circulation and overall health.
      • Avoid carrying heavy objects, excessive exercise, and consult your doctor about when and how to resume your exercise regime.
      • Start walking
        • Do not be afraid to get back on your feet after your doctor has cleared you to walk.
        • Walking improves blood circulation, soothes the mind and soul, and reduces the risk of complications.
        • Walking is the most important post-surgery exercise.
        • Rest
          • Rest is required for damaged tissues. Inadequate rest increases the risk of infection.
          • Tiredness can reduce breast milk supply. Get as much rest as possible.
          • Medications
            • Prolonged pain causes longer recovery. Take prescribed pain relievers.
            • Your doctor may prescribe multivitamins for overall health and recovery.
            • Good nutrition
              • Eat healthily for tissue recovery. Continue taking prescribed supplements and eat a high-fiber diet.
              • Probiotics and iron supplements
                • Increase iron levels to avoid postpartum anemia and consider probiotics for better digestion and prevention of constipation.
                • Incorporate iron-rich foods into your diet.
                • Include probiotic-rich foods, such as plain yogurt.
                • Traditional broth
                  • Broth aids digestion and can alleviate discomforts and constipation after cesarean delivery.
                  • Consume nutritious and mineral-rich broth daily.
                  • Abdominal binder
                    • Use an elastic waistband for additional support.
                    • It helps alleviate pain and swelling during the first few days after surgery.
                    • Hydration
                      • Stay hydrated to avoid constipation and support overall health.
                      • Lactating mothers require plenty of fluids.
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                      What exercises may be recommended after cesarean delivery?

                      When your doctor says you can start exercising, focus on toning your midsection, starting with pelvic floor muscles.

                      3 important exercises to do after cesarean delivery

                      1. Kegels:
                        • Tighten pelvic muscles while seated, squeezing in and sucking your belly button.
                        • Exercise core muscles with proper alignment and breathing coordination.
                        • Proper pelvic floor contraction resets core muscles for optimal function.
                        • Deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing:
                          • Lie on your back with knees propped up with a pillow.
                          • Tighten stomach muscles with each inhalation, gradually toning your abs.
                          • Arm rotations and ankle flexes:
                            • Make small circles with your arms and rotate your feet side to side and up and down for ankle flexes.

                            Avoid stretching the incision or causing your abdomen to bulge during the first six to eight weeks of recovery.

                            3 general exercises to avoid

                            1. Heavy lifting:
                              • Avoid lifting anything heavier than your newborn baby, including heavy grocery bags or weight-training exercises. Consult your doctor about safe weight limits.
                              • High-impact exercises:
                                • Avoid running, aerobics, and exercises that stress the hips or pelvic floor. These muscles and joints are still healing and need time to recover.
                                • Twisting movements:
                                  • Avoid twisting during yoga, Pilates, and dancing exercises as it can disrupt the healing process.

                                  Monitor for signs of overdoing it, such as pain, increased inflammation or bleeding at the incision site, and fatigue.

                                  Healing from a cesarean delivery takes time. Learn which exercises to avoid and focus on those that can help you recover quickly and return to your fit lifestyle. Most of your recovery will occur in the weeks following your delivery.

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                                  When can I have sex after cesarean delivery?

                                  Wait six weeks after delivery to start sexual activities. This allows your body enough rest and time to heal.

                                  You may experience vaginal discharge, pain, reduced sexual desire and stamina, and vaginal dryness and discomfort in the first few weeks after delivery.

                                  • Doctors want the uterus to clean itself and surgical incisions to heal properly to reduce the risk of infection.
                                  • Women who have had surgery may experience pain from vaginal dryness and musculoskeletal changes caused by pregnancy. Incompletely healed wounds may reopen.
                                  • Consult your doctor before engaging in sexual activity. Consider using lubricant and explore different sexual positions for comfort.
                                  • Monitor your incision site for bleeding or increased pain.
                                  • Listen to your body and doctors when planning physical and sexual activities after cesarean delivery.


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